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Prevent Winter Damage to Your Patio and Hardscaping

When it comes to the wear and tear of your hardscaping and patio, most people think of every season, but winter. The majority of damage usually ends up happening during the winter! Between the temperature changes, moisture and treatment of your patio is what will affect your hardscaping the most. Driveway Specialists has a few […]

Different Types of Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching becomes a necessity when your parking lot, driveway or road becomes so damaged that the end result is potholes. This can happen without a pavement maintenance plan to take advantage of sealcoating. By utilizing sealcoating, you can help to prolong the life of your asphalt parking lot, driveway or road. Ways to Complete […]

Paved Sidewalks and Parking Lot at CVS

The Driveway Specialists team was recently at the CVS in Quincy, MA for the installation of new ADA sidewalks and parking lot. For more information about our commercial paving services or to receive a quote, fill out our online contact form or call us at the following phone numbers: (844) 244-4249

What Causes Driveway Cracks?

Cracks in a driveway are an inevitable part of being a homeowner. They typically begin to crack when the material breaks down and separates. Finding cracks in a newer driveway can be infuriating, but understanding why they occur can help you to prevent and correct them. Asphalt vs. Concrete Driveways Asphalt and concrete are the […]

Should I Use Hardscaping Services for My Yard?

The difference between a beautiful and an eyesore of a yard can really set you apart in your neighborhood. A beautiful yard can improve your home’s curb value and provide a space that can be enjoyed by family and friends. Some yards can be more challenging to maintain than others and thinking of an attractive […]

Brick Walkway in Needham, MA

Recently, the paving contractors of Driveway Specialists were at a home in Needham, MA. We installed a new walkway and done over step with brick and granite. Check out our photo below! If you are interested in our residential paving services, contact Driveway Specialists today by filling out our contact form.

Paver Driveway in Weymouth, MA

Recently, the Driveway Specialists team was at a home in Weymouth, MA for a paver driveway. View photos below from our day on the South Shore! To request a free quote for residential paving, contact us by filling out our online contact form!

Benefits of Driveway Pavers

For homeowners that are sick of their concrete driveways cracking and staining easily, we have the perfect alternative for you: driveway pavers. Below are a few advantages of choosing driveway pavers over a concrete driveway: The paving stones used are extremely strong and are built to manage the weight of cars without damaging. Paving stones […]

Don’t Hassle with Paving Permits, We’ll Take Care of Them!

As with any kind of construction, asphalt paving projects often require paperwork that must be filled out, filed, and approved by appropriate agencies. The requirements for approval are different from town to town in Massachusetts– and sometimes it’s a headache to even find what the requirements are in your particular town. Fortunately, we already know […]

The Two ‘Pothole Seasons’ in Massachusetts

It’s been said there are only two seasons in Massachusetts: Pothole making season, and pothole fixing season. We think that’s a pretty fair assessment. Asphalt may be the best option for paving in Massachusetts, but it still gets quite a workout during the winter and the wet season. Winter rain and snow do their part […]