The paving contractors of Driveway Specialists are a frequent visitor of the town of Newton, MA. For years, we have been providing the residents with our residential and commercial paving services. Whatever the issue may be, our paving company is there to assist in any way we can!

For over 20 years, Driveway Specialists has been providing Newton residents with our top-notch paving services. Our experienced contractors are ready to help with any paving issue you may be having. We strive to create and maintain excellent relationships with all of our customers!

For those looking to transform their backyard, we offer hardscaping and masonry services as well. Enjoy nights out back with your new fire pit or deck. Whatever you’re looking for, Driveway Specialists will see that your idea comes to life.

For more information on the paving services we offer Newton or to receive a quote, contact us today! Driveway Specialists can be reached by filling out our contact form or by calling the following number (844) 244-4249


Finding a paving contractor whose services tailor to your needs can be difficult in Newton, Massachusetts. Are you looking for a paving contractor for repairs or new paving? You don’t need to scratch your head and search for quality paving services anymore!

Driveway specialists take pride in providing services that tailor to all paving needs. From parking lots to driveway paving and residential to commercial paving, we are the one-stop-shop for your paving concerns in Newton Massachusetts.


With an experience of thirty years in the field, Newton MA has become one of the leading paving contractors. Our work ensures quality under the supervision of experts who continuously monitor the work progress to ensure durable paving.

We believe that quality lays the foundation for scalability; that is why our working staff at driveway specialists are always willing to travel the extra mile to ensure the best outcomes.

We offer a reliable paving experience where we opt for the latest paving technology, including the modern tools and the paving machines for excavating the land for new paving. Apart from our diligent experts, the use of quality products makes our services an ideal option for all kinds of paving concerns in Newton Massachusetts.

Doesn’t that sound interesting? To provide a better insight into our work, kindly look at our areas of expertise as follows.

  • Asphalt paving
  • Asphalt Maintenance and repair
  • Parking Lot paving
  • Driveway paving
  • Commercial asphalt using laser technology
  • Residential paving
  • Parking lot repair and maintenance
  • Driveway repairs
  • Commercial Asphalt paving
  • Residential driveway installation and repair

contact us today, and get a free paving estimate from us. We offer pre-scheduling and cost estimation prior to work, to facilitate our customers in managing their budget.


We take pride in providing exceptional paving services in Newton, MA, where we focus not only on providing the best quality for residential and commercial paving but also on beautifying your locations. We are always eager to give the ideal outcomes, and await your response!

To provide better work experience, our experts continuously monitor the work, ensuring productive outcomes. We also ascertain the quality of the paving raw materials to provide our customers paving that lasts a lifetime.


Contact us today, and discuss your paving requirements with the drive specialists. Our Newton MA services are available all across the town and the nearby areas. Receive a free quote for our paving services by calling us at our number (844) 244-4249.