Residential Asphalt Paving Project

The Driveway Specialists crew has over three generations of experience in paving driveways. Our paving projects are carried out with a unique expertise, only attainable through such a history of experience in the field. Three generations of top-quality work, staying on top of the competition, and delighting our customers. This is what makes us the best paving company in eastern Massachusetts.

Our residential asphalt paving team addresses each job, from initial assessment and preparation, to execution and cleanup as a custom project. Driveways vary depending upon their location on a property, condition, and design. So every driveway is its own challenge, and we approach it that way. A custom solution for a unique challenge.

We understand that residential asphalt paving projects are designed to add value to your home– whether property value or aesthetic reasons. When we approach a residential asphalt paving project, we do our best to maximize your value for your dollar.

Driveway Specialists residential asphalt paving team has delighted customers all over eastern Massachusetts, including Norfolk County, and Middlesex County. Our projects have included driveways, adding parking space, cobblestone aprons and edging, masonry projects, and drainage projects. Call us today to discuss your asphalt paving, masonry, or drainage needs for your home.