Asphalt Layers Cross-section

Modern day asphalt can last for many years if it is installed correctly and maintained with the proper care. With your new asphalt driveway comes some care and maintenance needed to keep it looking good and for a long time.

1. Give it time to cure. – New pours take a few days to cure so do not drive on it for the first few days  And when you do, avoid turning the wheel while not moving.

2. Hot summer days. – For a few weeks after install and a few months beyond, do not use motorcycle kick stands, car jacks and other high weight/pressure items with a small footprint.

3. Keepin’ it cool – If you need a lot of traffic on your new driveway and it’s a hot summer day… Use the hose.  Hosing down your driveway when the hot summer sun is beating down on it can lower the temperature and keep the asphalt from getting to soft.

4. Helpful tools and items. – Look into investing some money in some “toys” for your driveway.  For example… There is a metal disc you can buy that is intended to protect your asphalt from kickstands.  other items can be leftovers from other projects such as a section of 2×4 lumber that can double as a base for a car jack.

5. Sealcoating – Several months after your new asphalt has cured you can apply a sealcoat layer.  Sealcoating can serve two purposes in covering any blemishes and offering a layer of protection from minor spills.  Sealcoating every few years can extend the life of your driveway.