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Driveway Specialists is a reference for good work and excellent results at the best prices. The Ashland Massachusetts region can be assured that you will receive the job you are looking for at an excellent cost, guaranteeing that you will receive a good job. Asphalt surfacing is a combination of sand, stone, and tar, an oil derivative that can provide long-lasting coverage of roads. It is used mostly on highways because it guarantees a good finish that can remain unbroken longer than concrete.

How long does an asphalt driveway last?

This will depend on the maintenance given to it, as every few years, a touch up is necessary to ensure that it is kept in perfect condition. Asphalt Paving Contractor is your best ally since it will allow you to receive the best results, evaluating the work at all times, and guaranteeing the results. Driveway Specialists has been on the market long enough to accumulate the experience that has allowed us to advise you at all times and help you make the best decisions. We work quickly and efficiently, with quality materials worked in the best way, which will allow you long term results.

Is asphalt cheaper than concrete?

This is a consideration that varies according to your needs since concrete can be considered more economical in the short term, but although it does not require maintenance it is very likely to break after a certain time. In the case of asphalt, this is a stronger mix, Asphalt Overlay Cost is much more considerable since, although it requires some maintenance, it will maintain a good image and structure in the medium and long term. It is an excellent option for high traffic areas, as it does not wear out easily.

Why Choose Us?

The citizens of Ashland Massachusetts have worked with us constantly because we have an organized team ready to offer you the best options with fast and lasting results. Work with us and you’ll receive the best quote on the market. The parking area is best made with asphalt because this material is the one that best resists constant use. Take the best options, we look forward to your call. Proper installation is the guarantee that this investment will give good results, but if you are looking for Parking Lot Repair we can also be the best company for you.