Different Types of Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching becomes a necessity when your parking lot, driveway or road becomes so damaged that the end result is potholes. This can happen without a pavement maintenance plan to take advantage of sealcoating. By utilizing sealcoating, you can help to prolong the life of your asphalt parking lot, driveway or road.

Ways to Complete Asphalt Patching:

  • When paving companies use a cold patch, it is normally used as a temporary fix. Contractors will use cold patches to fill pot holes and fix any hazards that could cause someone to trip and injure themselves. Cold patches are a less expensive and easy solution as you only need a shovel and tamp for installation.
  • Another temporary fix is skin patching. While this method will last longer than a cold patch, it shouldn’t be used as a permanent solution as it is not as effective. Typically, skin patches are used for emergency repairs when a cold patch isn’t a viable option.
  • Another temporary patching solution that can outlive cold and skin patching is infrared patching. With infrared patching, the area in need of repair is heated to 400º with an infrared heater then cut with a rake for asphalt. New asphalt and liquid rejuvenator is then applied to supplement and compact the area. This is considered a temporary solution because it will only fix the surface of the asphalt.
  • For a more permanent fix, we recommend the cut, remove and repave method. This will fully replace the distressed area.

Depending on the damage done and your budget, there are plenty of residential and commercial asphalt repair methods available. To request a paving quote, contact Driveway Specialists by filling out our online contact form or calling us at:

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