Prevent Winter Damage to Your Patio and Hardscaping

snowy patioWhen it comes to the wear and tear of your hardscaping and patio, most people think of every season, but winter. The majority of damage usually ends up happening during the winter! Between the temperature changes, moisture and treatment of your patio is what will affect your hardscaping the most. Driveway Specialists has a few suggestions to protect your hardscaping and patio this winter.

  1. Most people think that because snow and ice are made up of water that they aren’t harmful. However, water can make its way into the cracks of your hardscaping and if the temperatures get to below 32°F, it will freeze. As it freezes, the water will expand cause the cracks to expand in size. If you live in an area where you see this type of weather a lot, this will continue to happen during the winter. Not only will it be more safe to walk on, but clearing snow and ice from your hardscaping can help to prevent the expansion of cracks.
  2. Some de-icing products contain chemicals can be damaging to concrete or stone. Check with the manufacturer of your hardscaping materials before applying these types of products.
  3. To prevent slipping and falling, often, people will wear spikes to gain traction as they make their way through snow and ice. This can be especially damaging to pavers, concrete and stone. Metal shovels can also damage hardscaping by leaving scratches. To prevent damage and scratches, use a plastic shovel or a metal shove with plastic edging.

If you find that you have damaged your patio or hardscaping this winter, contact the experts at Driveway Specialists. Receive an estimate for our hardscaping services by filling out our online contact form or by calling one of the following phone number(844) 244-4249