Don’t Hassle with Paving Permits, We’ll Take Care of Them!

As with any kind of construction, asphalt paving projects often require paperwork that must be filled out, filed, and approved by appropriate agencies. The requirements for approval are different from town to town in Massachusetts– and sometimes it’s a headache to even find what the requirements are in your particular town.

Fortunately, we already know all of that. We’ve been operating in Massachusetts for nearly thirty years, in Boston and many towns nearby, and have learned the ins and outs of each town’s permitting requirements. As a result, we take care of all permitting requirements for you, as much as we can. There are a small handful of towns that require the customer do certain tasks, but we’ll handle everything else!

You have plenty to handle already. So let Driveway Specialists take care of your paving needs. We’ve established a reputation of excellent service and quality, built on the testimony of delighted homeowners and business owners. And we’ll take care of the permits, no hassle, no stress!