The Two ‘Pothole Seasons’ in Massachusetts

It’s been said there are only two seasons in Massachusetts:

Pothole making season, and pothole fixing season.

We think that’s a pretty fair assessment. Asphalt may be the best option for paving in Massachusetts, but it still gets quite a workout during the winter and the wet season.

Winter rain and snow do their part to damage asphalt… and so do some of those snow plow drivers, whose blades can scrape up asphalt. A snow plow blade usually doesn’t cause too much damage to flat asphalt, but there’s potential for serious scraping where asphalt meets concrete and a lip forms. Does your parking lot have a concrete driveway? Check it for a suddenly craggy, damaged area where the asphalt and the concrete meet.

Old asphalt that has gone through several years of freeze/thaw cycles, poor maintenance, and three-day-at-a-time storms that Massachusetts likes to throw at us has likely gained a nice alligator-scaled appearance, or worse. Parking lots can get especially bad, as soil shifts beneath, depressions form, and entire chunks of asphalt disappear courtesy of daily traffic and periodic rainfall.

Putting off repairing or repaving your asphalt driveway or parking lot can create more headaches than the cost itself. A shabby appearance turns customers off, and potholes can cause serious damage to cars, bringing another set of troubles that take up time better spent running your business.

Contact Driveway Specialists today and schedule an inspection of your parking lot or driveway. With three generations of experience backing us up, you can know our assessment will be accurate. As for the work– we’ll let our reviews speak for themselves.

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