Advantages of Repaving or Replacing Your Parking Lot Asphalt

The face of your business is not just the paint, glass, and signs on your storefront. Everything the customer sees influences their first impression of your business– which can make or break your business.

To be blunt: a heavily cracked, poorly draining, and ugly parking lot in front of your business is just as bad as faded, peeling paint. It gives the impression of neglectful business owners, and no one jumps at the chance to work with someone they think neglects their work.

On the other hand, a smooth, uncracked, and properly draining parking lot give the opposite impression. This is a professional place, that takes pride in its appearance and is willing to invest into it. Plus, no one has to walk through puddles to get to the front door!

A newly paved parking lot has three primary advantages. The first is the visual improvement. Old asphalt has faded, probably cracked at least superficially, and (just like every other asphalt area in Massachusetts) has taken a beating from the weather. These are the things that most immediately make an impact on a customer when they approach your business.

The second type of advantage is structural improvement. As asphalt ages, it weakens, eventually cracking or developing holes. Potholes are an obvious danger, especially after rain when there’s no real way to tell how deep they are until your front left tire is swallowed up completely. As cracks get more and more serious, the underlying dirt can wash away, eventually developing into a sinkhole if neglected long enough.

Finally, a new asphalt parking lot offers improved drainage. As we mentioned a couple of times before, no one wants to walk or drive through puddles while trying to get to your door. Our asphalt driveways are laid out to provide superior drainage, to prevent exactly this from happening.

A new asphalt parking lot can be achieved in two different ways, with different prices, and Driveway Specialists does them both. An overlay, or resurfacing, replaces the cracked asphalt top with fresh asphalt. Asphalt resurfacing is an option if your underlying base is still structurally intact. This process usually process usually takes days instead of weeks, and has a lower price tag than a full parking lot replacement (for obvious reasons).

Driveway Specialists can also do a full asphalt replacement, which is much more involved and takes more expertise. A full replacement means just that– removing all existing asphalt and replacing it with brand new base and asphalt top. Our crews are experienced asphalt pavers, with many parking lots completed to complete customer satisfaction.

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