Our name may be the Driveway Specialists, but driveways are not the only work we pride ourselves on. Our experienced team of pavers, using the best equipment available, have been paving and repairing commercial parking lots for as long as we have been in business.

Your parking lot is part of your store or office’s curb appeal, and so is a primary component of the first impression customers have of your business. A lot with cracked asphalt, standing pools of water, and potholes simply looks bad. It shows customers you either don’t have the interest or the resources to maintain your own property– and makes them unsure about the level of service or quality of product they will receive from you. You can ensure your customers have an impression of professionalism with a properly maintained asphalt parking lot.

Come to the best paving company in Massachusetts. The one with three generations of experience and 28 years in Massachusetts itself: the Driveway Specialists.

Pier 1 Parking Lot November 2015
Laying binder at Roche Collision

In addition to the customer impression, poor quality asphalt puts you at risk for headaches due to damage to customer vehicles. We’ve all run through potholes in Massachusetts and know the potential damage they can do. Protect your customers and yourself by ensuring no “surprises” damage vehicles on your property.

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